MAY, 9-15,  2015



May, 9, 2015, Saturday, at 19.00     Witold Lutoslawski Polish Radio Concert Studio


                                                           Leszek Lorent – percussion

                                                           Karol Radziwonowicz – piano

                                                           Polish Sinfonia Iuventus Orchestra

  Krzysztof Słowiński – conductor


Zbigniew Penherski       
Signals for symphony orchestra (1992)

Bartosz Kowalski           
Action Stories for symphony orchestra (2015)*
                   The Flames
                   Butterfly effect
                   Underwater spaces
                   On the run

Sławomir Czarnecki       
Symphony Concertante  „Baltic”  for piano and orchestra (2015)*



Maciej Zieliński               
Sonore for symphony orchestra (2014) **

Ignacy Zalewski             
Symphony concertante for multipercussion and symphony orchestra (2015)**

May, 10, 2015, Sunday, at 16.00    PWM Edition

Fringe Event        

The Award Ceremony of the Competition for Polish Music Critics „Kropka” under the Honorary Patronage of the National Cultural Centre


May, 10, 2015, Sunday, at 18.00     Royal Castle, Concert Hall


Wilanów String Quartet:

                                                         Tadeusz Gadzina – violin

                                                          Paweł Łosakiewicz – violin

                                                          Ryszard Duź – viola

                                                          Marian Wasiółka – cello


Joanna Bruzdowicz            
String Quartet No 2 – Cantus Aeternus

Mieczysław Wajnberg       
String Quartet No XVI (1981)

Marek Stachowski             
Quartetto da ingresso (1980)

Samuel Barber                   
String Quartet No. 1, op. 11
           Molto allegro e appassionato
           Molto adagio
           Molto allegro come prima


May, 10, 2015, Sunday, at 20.00     Basilica of the Holy Cross

Fringe Event

Concert of Choral Music by Sławomir Czarnecki and promotion of Sławomir Czarnecki Choral Works CD, under honorary patronage of His Eminnence, Kazimierz Cardinal Nycz, the Metropolitan of Warsaw

                                         Schola Cantorum Thorunensis

 Paweł Głowiński – conductor


May, 11, 2015, Monday, at 19.00  Witold Lutoslawski Polish Radio Concert Studio


                                               ATOM String Quartet:

                                                           Dawid Lubowicz – violin

                                                           Mateusz Smoczyński – violin

                                                           Michał Zaborski – viola

                                                           Krzysztof Lenczowski – cello


Krzysztof Lenczowski            
Ad Libitum II (2011)                          

Mateusz Smoczyński             
Happy (2014)                        

Dawid Lubowicz                     
Ballad about Janosik’ s Death (2013)        

Michał Zaborski                      
First Breath (2014)
Witold Lutosławski                
Two Etudes (arranged by Krzysztof Lenczowski) (1941/2013)

Michał Zaborski                     
Snow Hunter (2014)                         

Dawid Lubowicz                    
Obercology (2013)                            

Krzysztof Lenczowski           
There is no sleep! (2014)                              

Zbigniew Seifert                    
Passion  (arranged by Mateusz Smoczyński) (1978/2012)

Krzysztof Lenczowski            
Winter Song (2012)               

Krzysztof Lenczowski            
Kubanana (2014)                              

Mateusz Smoczyński             
Manhattan Island (2012)       


May, 13, 2015, Wednesday, at 19.00   Witold Lutoslawski Polish Radio Concert


                                                    Lech Bałaban – viola

                                                       Klaudiusz Baran - bandoneon

     Amadeus Polish Radio Chamber Orchestra

     Agnieszka Duczmal - conductor


Grzegorz Duchnowski           
Little Music Concertante for chamber string orchestra (2015)**

Jerzy Maksymiuk                   
Leaves falling down here and there for piano and strings (2010)


Edward Sielicki                       
Memorabilia – Fantasia Concertante for bandoneon and string orchestra (2015)**

Piotr Moss                              
Récit IV for viola and strings (2012)*

Zbigniew Penherski               
String Play for string orchestra (1980)



May, 14, 2015, Thursday, at 16.30     The Fryderyk Chopin University of Music

                                        Karol Szymanowski’s Auditorium


Fringe Event – open meeting of  the Chair of The­ory of Music


A few questions about hearing of the world  - documentary directed by Maja Baczyńska

May, 14, 2015, Thursday, at 19.00      Reformed-Evangelical Church


A Cappella Leopolis Choir

Ludmiła Kapustina – conductor  


Martin Leopolita (1530?-1589)     
Missa Paschalis for 5-voice choir

                        Kyrie. Gloria

Mikołaj Zieleński (1550-1620?)     
Viderunt omnes fines terrae
, motet for 4-voice choir

Philipp Dulichius (1562-1631)       
Benedicam dominum, motet for 6-voice choir

Monodic chant from the Lviv Irmologion (1709) Let me do  repentance

solo: Rev. deacon Taras Hrudovyi

Mikołaj Dyletsky (1630?-1690?)    
Vespers for 8-voice choir (fragments)

First half of 18 cent., anon.              
Adam sat ta the gate of Paradise, concerto for 12-voice choir

                  I weep and cry,  concerto for 12-voice choir

Maksym Berezovskyi (1745-1777)
Three comunnion verses

                   The blassed have been chosen
                   The cup of salvation
                   Rejoice ye righteous

   Maksym Berezowskyi                   

   The Lord's Prayer,  concerto for 4-voice choir

                    Poco adagio
                    Alla breve
                    Allegretto. Andante

Artemij Wedel (1770?-1808?) 
   O Lord, my God, concerto for 4-voice choir

                    Larghetto sostenuto

 Dmytro Kotko (1892-1982) arranged by P. Demucki (R. Stelmaszczuk’s version)
 Chant for The Last Judgmen
, hurdy-gurdy player's psalm

 Dmytro Kotko arranged by M. Leontovycz (R. Stelmaszczuk’s version)
 Through the wide field, hurdy-gurdy player's s psalm
 solo: Wołodymyr Gadzalo


 May, 15, 2015, Friday, at 19.00      Royal Castle, Great Assembly Hall


                                               Sekstet proMODERN w składzie:

Katarzyna Bienias – soprano
Ewa Puchalska – mezzosoprano
Ewelina Rzezińska – mezzosoprano
Andrzej Marusiak – tenor
Krzysztof Chalimoniuk – baritone
Piotr Pieron - bass, artistic direction


Miłosz Bembinow                  
ShakeSpired  for vocal sextet (2015)**

               Th' expense of spirit (Sonnet No. 129)
               Two loves I have (Sonnet No. 144)
               Love is too young (Sonnet No. 151)

Andrzej Borzym jr                 
4 Sonnets by William Shakespeare  for vocal sextet (2015)**

Krzesimir Dębski                    
Music to Sonnets# 1 & 2 by William Shakespeare  (2015)*

Krzysztof Herdzin                 
Three Sonnets by Shakespeare (2015)*

Anna Ignatowicz-Glińska      
Sonet 116 for vocal sextet to the words by William Shakespeare (2015)**
Paweł Łukaszewski               
Shakespeare's Sonnet Weary with toil, I haste to my bed (Sonnet XXVII) (2015)*

Stanisław Moryto                  
Three Sonnets by William Shakespeare for vocal sextet (2015)*

       My love is strengthened...
       Music to hear...
       Betwixt mine eye...

Tomasz Jakub Opałka             
...lips to kiss...  for vocal sextet (2015)*

Piotr Tabakiernik                     
ἀπόπτωσις (apoptōsis) for vocal sextet (2015)**



*       first performance

**     first performance – co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of
         the Republic of Poland within the programme “Collections” – the priority
         “Composition Commissions” implemented by the Institute of Music and Dance