Tadeusz Sudnik

musician, composer, sound engineer in the Experimental Studio of the Polish Radio; he realized electronic music composition orders, as well as recorded theater and film music and albums. He also worked for the Warsaw Autumn festival and the Polish Society for Contemporary Music.

At the same time, he started concert activities with bands playing intuitive music. The first band was CytulaTyfun da BambaOrchester (Andrzej Bieżan, Krzysztof Knittel, Mieczysław Litwiński, Tadeusz Sudnik). Then he performed with Helmut Nadolski, Andrzej Mitan, Andrzej Przybielski and Włodzimierz Kiniorski. Then he began a long-term cooperation with Tomasz Stańko - Freelectronic and individual activities in the field of playing, recording and transforming sound, known as the Impossible Sounds Studio.

Very important activities include cooperation with Zdzisław Piernik, Adam Pierończyk, Kawalerowie Błotni (Jerzy Kornowicz, Krzysztof Knittel, Ryszard Latecki, Mieczysław Litwiński, Tadeusz Sudnik, Tadeusz Wielecki), Krzesimir Dębski and Marcin Wasilewski Trio.

In 2017, Audio Cave released the album TADEUSZ SUDNIK & HIS FRIENDS IN ART in CD and analog versions.