Paweł Kwapinski

born 1988, graduated from BA studies at the Music Academy in Gdańsk in Composition under a supervision of prof. Andrzej Dziadek and then graduated magna cum laude from MA studies at the Fryderyk Chopin Music University in Warsaw in Composition under a supervision of prof. Paweł Łukaszewski. He received a Postgraduate Diploma in Composition with distinction from FCMU under a supervision of prof. Marian Borkowski. In 2018 he received the Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Composition with distinction (promoter: Prof. Marian Borkowski) at the FCMU.

Paweł Kwapiński was a didactic in the Music School in Warsaw as well as he delivered short instructive courses in Wisła. Between 2013 and 2016 he taught at the Academy of Arts in Szczecin.

He has won multiple awards in composition competitions, where he has been a finalist in Jean Sibelius Competition Composition, a winner of I Composing Competition of the Academic Association WKDiTM UMFC in Warsaw, III Composing Competition of Zygmunt Mycielski, Composing Competition of Polish Institute in Vienna during celebrations of its 40th anniversary, IX Composing Competition of Zygmunt Mycielski, 55. Competition of Young Composers of Tadeusz Baird (I place), as well as in music competitions on Guitar, including: IV Polish Nationwide Competition in Classical Guitar in Kielce (I place), XVIII Polish Nationwide Competition in Classical Guitar in Konin (I place), V International Festival in Guitar Music in Ełk (I place),  His piece ‘Dance of Piano’ was granted a recommendation of the Polish division of International Society of Contemporary Music to be performed during the ISCM World Music Days, Beijing 2018. 

He has given many solo performances in and outside of Poland (f.e. Teatro dei Filodrammatici in Milan, Italy or series of concerts in a framework of XI Festival de Musique Baroque d'Auvergne in France).

His pieces include instrumental, choral, and electro-acoustic music. His works were performed by many great soloists, chamber groups, and orchestras such as Bożena Harasimowicz, Leszek Lorent, Marcin Tadeusz Łukaszewski, Paweł Zagańczyk, TWOgether Duo, Symphonic Orchestra of the Polish Baltic Philharmonic, Progress Chamber Orchestra. What is more, he has collaborated with established jazz musicians f.e. Ignacy Jan Wiśnieski. His pieces were also played at several festivals e.g.: 55 Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music, ‘Music Young Scene’ in Toruń, I Gdańsk Music Impressions, III Gdańsk Art of Interpretation of Accordion Music from XX and XXI century festival. Several compositions were released on CD and as a score.